We work with clients of all sizes and can take your project from initial concept to final design and approval.

Miller Planning Services offers a full range of professional services related to land use and development planning including:

  • Official Plan Amendments
  • Subdivision/Condominium Approvals
  • Subdivision and Neighbourhood Design
  • Zoning Approvals
  • Site Planning
  • Minor Variances
  • Severances
  • Policy Analysis
  • Professional Presentations
  • Land Development Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Management

We offer extensive experience in undertaking, managing and completing municipal approval processes; project management; municipal and agency liaison; and coordinating the activities of large multi-disciplinary teams of expert consulting professionals for both Municipal and Ontario Municipal Board forums.

We also have extensive experience working with approvals and permits required from Conservation Authorities.

Our experience with multi-disciplinary teams on a variety of projects has allowed us to form relationships and access professional consultants providing services in a number of areas including the following:

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Civil Engineering/ Servicing
  • Acoustical Consultants
  • Archaeology
  • Environmental Site Assessments (Contamination)
  • Natural Environment Site Analysis
  • Market Analysis/Demographics/ Municipal Finance
  • Hydrology/ Watershed Planning/ Fluvial-Geomorphology
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Land Surveyors
  • Municipal Lawyers
  • Soils/ Geotechnical Engineering/ Hydrogeology
  • Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

Our affiliate firm, Urban Terra Inc. also provides Real Estate Advisory Services such as: project management of development projects, strategic advice, representation within Landowner groups, real estate research, assistance with land acquisitions and land disposals, due diligence processes , financial/proforma analysis, feasibility analysis and contract reviews.